Street Art


Street installations are a growing trend within the “street art” movement. Whereas conventional street art/graffiti is done on surfaces/walls “street installations” use 3-D objects/space to interfere with the urban environment . Like graffiti, it is non-permission based and once the object/sculpture is installed it is left there by the artist


“Hitchhikers” are one popular form of street installation happening predominantly in NYC where paintings on wood are installed on to street signs using metal bolts. Other artists such as Leon Reid IV and Brad Downey use objects removed from the urban environment that are then sculpted through changing/reshaping and afterwards these sculptures are reinserted back into the city.

Since the late 1990s, the New York City-based art duo Skewville has produced their own brand of installation work, including wood sneakers tossed on lines, fake air-conditioning vents with words such as “FAKE” carved into them and other optical illusions that include the sculptural use of wood palettes and electrical piping.

Installations such as Banksy‘s “Boadicea” utilize art intervention while the artist Krystian Truth Czaplicki uses painted blocks and attaches them to walls to integrate into the existing building’s architecture.

Ghost bikes are memorial street installations for bicyclists killed by automobiles. The bicycles are painted white and locked to street signs.

A roundabout dog is a homemade street installation placed in roundabouts, a phenomenon that occurred all over Sweden in 2006.

Wooster Collective‘s sub-category for street installations shows many examples.

[edit] Artists

Artists who are exploring or who have explored this field include:

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