(Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos

Photography is a very powerful medium and a very difficult craft. Excellent photos don’t only display some facts — they tell stories, awake feelings and manage to share with the audience the emotions a photographer experienced when clicking the shot button. Taking excellent pictures is damn hard as you need to find a perfect perspective and consider the perfect timing. To achieve brilliant photography you need practice and patience. However, it is worth it: the results can be truly stunning.

Below you’ll find 50 brilliant photos and stunning pictures — some pictures tell stories, some are incredibly beautiful, some are funny and some are very sad.

All pictures are copyright of their respective owners. Please explore the further work of the photographers by browsing through their work. We’ve tried to cover different themes so that everybody will find something interesting and spectacular for himself / herself. All screenshots are linked and lead to the pages from which they’ve been taken.

Photos-48 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos

(Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos

1. Water and a Girl4
Beautiful composition, excellent scenery, amazing play of colors.

Photos-01 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos4

2. The Ball is Coming!5
Analogue shot with Seagull 6×6 (Chinese clone of Rolleiflex), made in 1983. “The gulfball is suspended on a fishing line in front of the camera. It was a stormy day. So I had to shoot 5 or 6 films for getting one image with the ball in the center position AND a light reflection on the golf club.”

Photos-44 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos5

3. Sky6
The sky is reflected in a drop of water. Beautiful scenery.

Photos-81 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos6

4. Returning to the same ocean7
Beautiful sand textures, beautiful composition and somehow a very sad story hidden behind the image.

Photos-82 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos7

5. Tree8
A colorful tree from a different perspective.

Photos-83 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos8

6. Gizmo9
How adorable is that?

Photos-02 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos9

7. Glittery Ball10
“The reflection in this water droplet, it looks like the glitter is stuck to the water, but NO, it is reflections from the glitter on the feather.”

Photos-65 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos10

8. Yaw? Weeeee11
You probably shouldn’t try this in your local trains. Such pictures are unforgettable.

Photos-76 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos11

9. Leap of Faith12
What does being one step away from falling into the abyss feel like? The photo is taken by Paul Perton.

Photos-79 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos12

10. Astronaut Self-shot Over Earth13
Could this be the best self-shot ever? It’s truly out of this world.

Photos-54 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos13

11. Autumn in red14
Pure beauty. No words are necessary.

Photos-31 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos14

12. FlickrMeeting – Genova – G315
Blue baloon, a small detail, gives the picture an incredible power.

Photos-12 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos15

13. Sea in the sea16
Incredible scenery. Apparently, the shot was made on the boat in the middle of the sea.

Photos-67 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos16

14. If I was an old building…17
“If I was an old building I would want to be by the ocean. Till’ the end of times”. Photographed at the old fishing piers of the Texas Bolivar Peninsula.

Photos-64 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos17

15. Bee the Cat18
“It’s hard to get the right exposure, with them being white, and with the fact they don’t stay still unless they’re sleeping.”

Photos-43 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos18

16. Passing the Golden Gate Bridge19

Photos-80 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos19

17. Glow20
Smoke from a leaf pile.

Photos-75 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos20

18. Swimming pool21
Taking a look at the swimming pool. From a quite different perspective.

Photos-68 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos21

19. Reflect22
A reflection from the louvre’s pyramid.

Photos-48 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos22

20. Time To Go Home…23
“Tthe way the birds are lined up makes the composition extraordinary fantastic.”

Photos-07 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos23

21. Seagull on a sign24
This seagull seems to have its own personal understanding of human’s rules.

Photos-16 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos24

22. Marshmellow girl25
A beautiful composition.

Photos-23 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos25

23. Refashioned Dahlia26
Photo taken at Duncan Garden in Spokane, WA.

Photos-45 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos26

24. Bird and Meat27

Photos-24 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos27

25. Water drop28
A photo taken at the exact right time. Available as a desktop wallpaper in various resolutions.

Photos-13 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos28

26. Mt. Fuji29

Photos-22 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos29

27. Two ways at looking at a fish30

Photos-37 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos30

28. Blessed fog31
A shot of Grande Madre di Dio in Torino, Italy.

Photos-04 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos31

29. Family of bugs32

Photos-32 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos32

30. Pigeon Point Lighthouse33
“Once per year at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse they shut down the weak insipid modern (presumably electric) light and switch over the the 5 kerosene lamps and fresnel lens of the original, as it was 135 years ago.”

Photos-52 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos33

31. Fire Shot34
Location: Changa Beach, Coquimbo.

Photos-47 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos34

32. A conversation35
Fox, bird and snow. This picture is titled “Good afternoon, my name is chikiricuatro”.

Photos-19 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos35

33. Shanghai – Acrobatic36
Picture taken during an acrobatic show in a Shanghainese theatre.

Photos-50 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos36

34. Northern lights as seen from space37

Photos-53 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos37

35. Red October Rise38
Sunrise over Bogie Lake, Michigan.

Photos-49 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos38

36. Crystal clarity39

Photos-20 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos39

37. Skier’s Paradise40
“Climbing partner at 17,000′ on Denali carrying his skis down to around 16,200′ where he will be able to ski down the rest of the way to base camp at 7200′.”

Photos-05 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos40

38. Bird and Water41

Photos-34 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos41

39. Photograph Taken at the Exact Right Time42

Photos-51 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos42

40. All alone.43
This shot is taken on a Norway’s cliff Prekestolen (also known as Preacher’s Pulpit).

Photos-33 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos43

41. Looking out of the window44

Photos-41 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos44

42. Above the clouds45
The shot taken during the flight from Vienna to Frankfurt, approaching Frankfurt.

Photos-14 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos45

43. The Waves46

Photos-71 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos46

44. The Waves. One more time.47

Photos-56 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos47

45. Cockfight48
Taken by Jan Sochor.

Photos-85 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos48

46. Polar lights49
Öxarárfoss in Iceland – Aurora Borealis taken by Arnar Valdimarsson.

Photos-39 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos49

47. Concentration50

Photos-26 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos50

48. Cat and deer51

Photos-36 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos51

49. Here floats a bubble in the air…52

Photos-86 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos52

50. A girl portrait53

Photos-21 in (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos53

Sources and Resources

You’ll find many more excellent photos, illustrations and pictures on the following sites:

  • Pixdaus.com54
    A social community dedicated to sharing photos. Pixdaus is a place where anyone can post his pictures, photos and others rate it. If it’s cool it gets to the main page and more people can enjoy it.
  • Ffffound.com55
    Image bookmarking. An invitation-based service.

Sourced from Smashing Magazine


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